Doctors Pioneering Digital Health, Uniting Old Challenges, Harnessing AI, and Realizing India’s Vision of “Make AI in India” and “Make AI Work for India”


Sri Arekapudi Gandhi Garu, MLA from Serilingampally, Hyderabad, inaugurating the event

July 1st, National Doctors Day, marks a time of appreciation for doctors’ remarkable efforts in safeguarding society’s health in India. The theme for this year, “Celebrating Resilience and Healing Hands,” emphasizes the courage and unwavering dedication of doctors who face an increasing number of challenges, particularly an uneven distribution of medical resources.

In the face of such challenges, AI technology has proven to be a powerful tool. As the ratio of doctors to patients has sharply decreased in recent decades, the need for collaboration between doctors and innovators is crucial to harness the potential of AI and bridge the gap created by the scarcity of medical resources.

Government-led initiatives such as the Make in India program and the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) are promoting technology adoption within the healthcare industry. With over 3,500 active startups in the healthtech sector, solutions like Dozee, India’s first AI-based Remote Patient Monitoring system, are making a significant impact.

The key pillars in transforming healthcare in India are doctors themselves. Their collaborative efforts with innovators shape the future of healthcare and address the challenges of accessibility, affordability, and quality. By leveraging AI and supporting ‘Made-in-India’ startups, they help ensure that healthcare is patient-centric, efficient, and equitable.


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