Survey Reveals 65% of Surgeons aren’t Happy with the Current Medical Infrastructure in India

Surgeon in operation theater

Surgeon performing laparoscopic surgery

On the occasion of National Doctors’ Day, a study conducted by Pristyn Care and Lybrate Data Labs has unveiled crucial insights into the predicaments of over 700 general surgeons in India. Key issues highlighted include dissatisfaction with the medical infrastructure, pay disparities, and prevalence of burnout.

The study indicates that 65% of Indian surgeons are discontent with the state of the medical infrastructure, and an overwhelming 86% express dissatisfaction with their compensation compared to their peers in Western nations. These findings present a worrying scenario for India’s healthcare sector, indicating a risk of talent drain.

The research also unveils that 48% of doctors experience burnout while struggling to balance work and personal life. The principal contributors to this burnout include hefty administrative tasks, insufficient support, and the inherent psychological stress tied to the medical profession.

The study further delves into patient fears concerning general surgery, revealing concerns around pain, scarring, and potential anesthesia complications. Interestingly, despite advancements in technology, 60% of surgeons still prefer traditional face-to-face consultations to address these concerns. In the realm of preferred surgical methods, laparoscopic surgery emerges as the leading choice, accounting for over 80% of procedures.

Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, Co-founder of Pristyn Care, expressed the importance of the study, stating its purpose was to gain a deeper understanding of the complex challenges faced by surgeons. He emphasized Pristyn Care’s commitment to prioritizing the holistic well-being of doctors and providing a supportive environment that fosters growth and professional fulfillment.

As Doctors’ Day is celebrated, the study underscores the necessity of supporting doctors’ professional development and personal well-being to ensure the sustenance and enhancement of India’s healthcare system.


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