Merck’s Push for Green Research: Sustainability Takes Center Stage in Young Scientist Award 2023

Young scientist at work in a laboratory

A young scientist delves into research, embodying the spirit of the Merck Young Scientist Award 2023.

In the latest move to nurture scientific innovation, Merck, the international science and technology giant, has launched the third edition of its Young Scientist Award 2023. Unique to this year, sustainability research has been introduced as a special category. This decision manifests Merck’s recognition of the urgent need for scientific solutions to environmental challenges.

The introduction of the Sustainability Research category comes as global industries are prioritizing green practices and environmental responsibility. The category, focusing on green chemistry, renewable/alternate energy, sustainable materials, and manufacturing, brings a new facet of scientific exploration into the limelight.

The awards will honor ten young researchers making strides in their respective fields, reinforcing Merck’s commitment to nurturing scientific talent in India. Scientists with less than ten years of post-Ph.D. research experience, associated with a research institute, and residing in India are eligible to apply. The application window remains open until August 16, 2023.

In the words of Mr. Dhananjay Singh, Head of Science and Lab Solutions, Merck Life Science, “We eagerly anticipate the remarkable findings that will arise from the diligent research efforts of these exceptional scientists this year.”

To register, visit here.


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