Melodea’s Sustainable Barrier Coating Boosts Food Packaging Recyclability

MelOx NGen sustainable barrier coating for plastic food packaging.

MelOx NGen is an innovative solution for reducing plastic waste and maintaining food freshness.

Melodea, Ltd., a front-runner in the field of sustainable barrier coatings for packaging, has launched its newest product, MelOx NGen™. Designed specifically to boost the recyclability of plastic food packaging, MelOx NGen™ offers a major stride in maintaining food freshness and curtailing plastic waste.

Crafted from plant sources, MelOx NGen™ is a water-based coating that’s applied to a range of plastic food packaging, extending the shelf-life of food products and ensuring they meet FDA and BfR standards for food contact.

MelOx NGen™ emerges as an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to petroleum-based plastics like EVOH and met-PET, in sync with global efforts to reduce single-use plastics. The innovation is in line with the recycling targets set by the EU’s Plastic Waste Directive, aiming to reduce plastic consumption and waste.

Considering the global surge in demand for EVOH and the ensuing price hikes, MelOx NGen™ brings a timely solution that can be applied directly to the plastic, bypassing the need for primers. This development led to MelOx NGen™ being shortlisted for the respected Sustainability Awards 2023, reinforcing its potential to significantly shape the future of plastic packaging and recycling.


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