MedScapeIndia-AMET Organises 6th FIT INDIA Conclave 2023

Fit India Conclave 2023

Fit India Conclave 2023

MedScapeIndia-AMET has taken a major step towards holistic healthcare with the 6th Fit India Conclave 2023. The event placed great emphasis on the implementation of nationwide CPR training, a move in sync with global health advice and a proactive response to the high prevalence of heart disease in India. With the launch of 21 live CPR training stations, the conclave reinforced the necessity of accessible health education for all.

Notably, the conclave proposed a landmark bill for the prevention of assaults on doctors. This initiative is a long-overdue response to the disturbing trend of increasing violence against medical practitioners in India. The proposed legislation, if passed, would mark a substantial improvement in the security and respect accorded to our frontline healthcare warriors.

In the spirit of inclusivity, a significant milestone was the launch of the Girl Child Anthem. This initiative sends a strong signal of MedScapeIndia’s commitment to inclusive healthcare, reminding us that the journey to Health4All must include dedicated focus on India’s girl children, who often face unique health challenges.

In his address, Shri Lakshman Prasad Acharya, the Honorable Governor of Sikkim, praised the collective efforts of Team MedScapeIndia. This serves as a potent reminder that the journey to a healthier India is a shared responsibility. With the 6th Fit India Conclave, MedScapeIndia has ignited a beacon for health consciousness, setting the path for collective action towards a healthier India.


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