Youthful Ignorance on Vaping Dangers Unearthed in India

Illustration of vaping dangers among Indian adolescents.

Think Change Forum (TCF) survey highlights the lack of awareness about vaping dangers among Indian adolescents

The link between adolescent vaping and severe health issues is not a new phenomenon. A report from the World Health Organization (WHO) established that the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), such as e-cigarettes, is harmful to health and could lead to addiction. However, the severity of this issue in India has only just been unveiled in a recent survey by the Think Change Forum (TCF).

TCF’s latest effort involved conducting a comprehensive survey in public schools across five metro cities in India. With over a thousand students aged 14 to 17 participating, an alarming 89% admitted to being oblivious of the harmful effects associated with vaping.

This shocking statistic gains weight when considered alongside a study by the National Institutes of Health, USA, which stated that adolescents who vape are more likely to start smoking tobacco within a year. Yet, 52% of the surveyed students perceived vaping as ‘completely harmless’.

The consequences of such ignorance among Indian youth are echoed in the words of Sushant Kalra, a Parenting Coach & TEDx Speaker. “Our adolescents are at a highly vulnerable stage,” he said, stressing the importance of educating children on the risks of vaping and the necessity of involving parents and educators.


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