WS Audiology Strengthens Commitment to Innovation with New R&D Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad

WS Audiology R&D Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad

WS Audiology inaugurates its R&D Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad, driving innovation in hearing solutions.

WS Audiology (WSA), a global leader in the hearing aid industry, today inaugurated its new Research and Development (R&D) hub in Hyderabad, marking a significant milestone in the company’s expansion in India. The new hub underscores WSA’s commitment to harnessing local talent and technology to drive global innovation.

As a leader in innovative hearing solutions, WSA is reinforcing its commitment to addressing the widespread issue of hearing impairment, which affects millions worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 6.3% of India’s population suffers from significant auditory loss. Globally, over 1.6 billion individuals experience some form of hearing loss, yet less than 20% have access to necessary hearing aids.

Innovation and Technology Leadership

“The Hyderabad R&D Centre of Excellence is pivotal in our global R&D network, enhancing our product development with cutting-edge technologies to improve user experiences and outcomes significantly,” said Joerg Brandscheid, WSA’s Chief Technology Officer.

The new hub in Hyderabad is not just an investment in infrastructure; it represents a commitment to talent development, research, and collaboration with local institutions. “This Centre of Excellence builds on WSA’s global R&D footprint and is a cornerstone in our long-term vision for India, where we aim to lead the way in improving hearing health across the region,” Brandscheid continued.

Global and Local Balance

The R&D hub will balance global technology trends with local market needs to develop hearing solutions that are both impactful and highly relevant. With a capacity for over 250 engineers, the centre will not only drive advancements in hearing solutions but also contribute to local talent development. The new hub will focus on key areas such as the use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance hearing experiences through contextual awareness, enhance user applications to make it more intuitive, optimizing workflows for hearing care professionals to streamline patient interactions, and explore innovative approaches to make hearing aids more affordable.


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