VYSIONEER Collaborates with MC Medical to Introduce the First-ever Brain Tumor Auto Contouring AI for Radiotherapy to Japan


Vysioneer's Visit to MC Medical to Celebrate Our New Partnership.

Vysioneer, a leading innovator in Oncology AI, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with MC Medical, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation and a wholly owned subsidiary of MC Healthcare Holdings for bringing advanced medical device around the world to Japan. This partnership marks a significant milestone as we introduce our first-ever brain tumor auto contouring AI Solution to the Japanese market, aiming to accelerate clinical workflows and enhance treatment precision in brain tumor management.

20-40% of cancer patients develop a secondary cancer in the brain, called brain metastases. Brain radiosurgery/radiotherapy are important treatment options for patients with brain metastases. VBrain, a brain tumor management AI Solution is designed to streamline clinical workflow and elevate treatment accuracy for brain radiosurgery/radiotherapy. By leveraging the AI software, medical professionals in Japan can expect a significant reduction in their workload while simultaneously enhancing the quality of patient care. This technological advancement holds the promise of improved outcomes for brain tumor patients across the country.

MC Medical has been serving the Japanese healthcare industry for over 30 years with a mission that emphasizes ‘It’s people that matter’. With a network encompassing numerous medical institutions, they bring a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the unique challenges within the Japanese healthcare landscape.  “We are excited about cutting-edge software sales. It has the potential to significantly reduce work time in the field of radiation surgery planning and therapy planning. We are confident that this is a product that will revolutionize.” said Shinya Taniguchi, President & Chief Executive Officer at MC Medical.

As part of our commitment to delivering excellence, Vysioneer conducted visits to three prominent hospitals in Japan. We are thrilled to report that these visits received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) specializing in brain tumor management. This validation from experts of clinical doctors reinforces our confidence in the potential impact of our AI solution.

“Japan stands at the forefront of advanced radiotherapy technology, and we are deeply honored to introduce our cutting-edge AI solution in this pioneering nation.” said Dr. Jen-Tang Lu, Chief Executive Officer at Vysioneer. “Through our collaboration with MC Medical, we will empower healthcare professionals and elevate patient outcomes together.”


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