Trillium Health Partners to become first in Canada to deploy AI in diagnostic imaging using Sectra Amplifier Services

Sectra Amplifier Services Enhances AI Adoption at Trillium Health Partners

Sectra's collaboration with Trillium Health Partners brings AI technology to diagnostic imaging, enabling earlier identification of serious health conditions. The advanced AI-as-a-service solution, Sectra Amplifier Services, simplifies the integration of artificial intelligence into healthcare workflows, leading to enhanced patient care and outcomes.

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra (STO: SECT B) helps Trillium Health Partners (THP) in Canada adopt AI technology with new AI-as-a-service agreement via Sectra Amplifier Services. This will enable THP to introduce AI-powered workflows in its diagnostic imaging department, which will help identify serious health conditions sooner, allowing for earlier intervention and better health outcomes.

The Sectra Amplifier Service is a fully managed, cloud-hosted AI service and offers clients a wide range of validated third-party AI applications. Through the service, THP will have access to AI applications and will be able to trial and evaluate the apps prior to adoption. 

“This technology will enable THP to expedite the diagnosis and treatment of potentially fatal conditions where every minute counts for improved patient outcomes,” says Dr. Ivan Diamond, Program Chief and Medical Director Diagnostic Imaging, Trillium Health Partners. “We are proud to be the first Canadian adopter of this cutting-edge technology, which has the potential to reinvent how care is delivered within our walls and beyond. Using the Sectra Amplifier Service to deploy this tool has significantly simplified the process in integrating AI into our workflow.”

Trillium Health Partners sees on average 1.6 million patient visits a year across its three main sites and last year alone conducted more than 695,000 diagnostic tests. With this new engagement, signed during the second quarter of Sectra’s 2023/2024 fiscal year, THP will be the first Canadian customer to connect its Sectra Enterprise Imaging PACS to Sectra Amplifier Services.

“Over the last five years, AI has been a hot topic within healthcare, and we are seeing the early adopters; predominantly in diagnostic imaging. It is encouraging to see Canadian hospitals embrace AI for both research and clinical use, leading to higher-quality patient care for our population. Sectra is committed to serving our customers on their journeys towards AI adoption,” says Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.

Sectra Amplifier Services is a part of Sectra’s enterprise imaging, which provides a unified strategy for all imaging needs while lowering operational costs. The scalable and modular solution, with a VNA at its core, allows healthcare providers to grow from ology to ology and from enterprise to enterprise. Visit Sectra’s website to read more about Sectra and why it’s top-ranked in “Best in KLAS“.


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