SUANNUTRA Strengthens Nutraceutical Commitment: New CEO Anthony Weston Takes the Helm

Anthony Weston, CEO of SUANNUTRA, leading the way in nutraceutical innovation.

Anthony Weston, newly appointed CEO of SUANNUTRA, takes the helm to steer global expansion in the nutraceutical market.

SUANFARMA, a life science partner renowned for its innovative contributions to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, and nutraceutical industries, has confirmed that its commitment to the nutraceutical market is set to deepen through its subsidiary SUANNUTRA. The appointment of Anthony Weston as CEO is a calculated move to ensure an enhanced customer focus tailored to the dynamic demands of consumers worldwide.

The core brands under SUANNUTRA’s umbrella, Gonmisol, Monteloeder, and Suanfarma USA, will continue to be pivotal players as the company pursues market-leading growth in branded and innovative ingredients. Additionally, SUANNUTRA aims to solidify its market presence in functional and essential ingredients, building on its well-established reputation for quality and innovation.

With a vast network that reaches 50 countries and serves 1,400 active customers, SUANNUTRA stands as a global entity ready to drive innovation in novel products and customer service. It has already received accolades and recognition from international organizations for its branded ingredients.

Anthony Weston’s appointment comes as a catalyst for the ambitious goals set by SUANNUTRA. His illustrious career in global business management and leadership, particularly with Frutarom and IFF, presents him as an invaluable asset for the role. “Together, we will enhance our presence in the global nutraceuticals market through our science-backed product line, new innovations, and exciting partnerships and collaborations,” said Weston.


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