PrecisePK Redefines Precision Dosing with Academic Integration, Setting New Standards In Therapeutic Drug Monitoring


Today, PrecisePK announces its significant strides in transforming healthcare in South America through integration into key healthcare and educational institutions. The esteemed Bayesian Model-Informed Precision Dosing (MIPD) software continues its ascendancy, earning recognition from the esteemed Chilean educational institution, Escuela de Química y Farmacia, for its exceptional Bayesian dosing capabilities. This acknowledgment fortifies PrecisePK’s position as a trusted academic-centric platform revolutionizing precision drug dosing.

Dr. Claudio Paulos A., Associate Professor at Escuela de Química y Farmacia, remarked, “I have worked with PrecisePK alongside postgraduate students, physicians, and primarily pharmacists directly involved with hospital patients. The program’s utilization of Bayesian methods stands as a significant strength. Coupled with the program’s incorporation of population models, it enables dosage adjustments tailored to specific patients. PrecisePK’s web version is remarkably user-friendly, becoming a fundamental tool for robust dosage adjustments benefiting the entire clinical team and, especially, the patients.”

The platform’s expansion into educational institutions, notably partnering with Escuela de Química y Farmacia, mirrors its dedication to shaping the future of precision medicine education. This integration empowers the next generation of healthcare leaders with cutting-edge dosing strategies and tools for optimal patient care. This move solidifies PrecisePK’s role in advancing therapeutic drug monitoring and precision medicine.

Leveraging its impactful partnerships within clinical environments and significant influence on academic advancement, PrecisePK remains at the forefront of healthcare transformation in South America. Notable collaborations with Clínica Andes Salud Concepción and Servicio de Salud Talcahuano epitomize efforts aimed at refining clinical treatments and simplifying patient care processes. Hospitals witness improved clinical outcomes, streamlined patient care, and optimized antibiotic therapies, aligning seamlessly with responsible antibiotic stewardship principles. The platform’s integration into esteemed educational institutions like Escuela de Química y Farmacia signifies PrecisePK’s ongoing commitment to shaping the landscape of Bayesian model-informed precision dosing across educational and clinical realms in South America.

“Escuela de Química y Farmacia’s endorsement of PrecisePK marks an extraordinary milestone in our pursuit of advancing precision medicine. We are honored to collaborate with such esteemed institutions, empowering the next generation of healthcare leaders with innovative technology. This endorsement signifies our shared commitment to revolutionizing patient care through tailored, data-driven dosing strategies. This strategic alliance is a pivotal step forward in advancing patient drug safety education and elevating clinical precision drug dosing standards across the region,” says Anjum Gupta, CEO of PrecisePK.

PrecisePK stands at the forefront of revolutionizing precision dosing with its state-of-the-art Bayesian Model-Informed Precision Dosing (MIPD) software. Renowned for its unparalleled features and advantages, PrecisePK continues to reshape medication management in healthcare. The platform encompasses over 20 medications such as vancomycin, busulfan, tacrolimus, and others, enabling precision dosing across various therapeutic areas like infectious diseases, oncology, cardiology, and neurology. By using Bayesian methods coupled with literature-based population models, healthcare professionals adjust drug dosages for individual patients, ensuring accurate and optimized treatment regimens. Moreover, its user-friendly web interface simplifies dosing adjustments, benefiting clinical teams and ultimately enhancing patient care.

As PrecisePK continues to expand its reach and impact, it remains steadfast in its mission to empower clinicians, researchers, and the next generation of healthcare leaders in South America and globally.sssssc


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