Nutrabooti launches integrated ‘Health Ecosystem’: Members can avail of diagnostics, products & proactive wellness all under one roof

Nutrabooti Health Ecosystem concept illustration

Nutrabooti leads the wellness industry forward with its pioneering Health Ecosystem.

Nutrabooti, India’s pioneering D2C nutraceutical brand, has recently launched a remarkable ‘Health Ecosystem’. This is aimed at bridging individuals together under the ‘Booti Tribe’ for a journey toward complete well-being.

This Health Ecosystem is anchored in three fundamental pillars – cutting-edge diagnostics, inventive product development, and a comprehensive approach to active wellness. It transcends traditional treatment and zeroes in on prevention, nurturing a sustainable lifestyle for enduring health benefits.

The ‘Booti Tribe’ serves as a supportive platform for individuals to share experiences, offer guidance, and exchange success stories about their health journeys.

Ritika Jain, Founder & CEO of Nutrabooti, stated, “We are thrilled to launch this unprecedented ‘Health Ecosystem’. It offers support for individuals’ proactive wellness journeys and aims to build a vibrant ‘Booti Tribe’ community.”

Nutrabooti is renowned for its high-quality nutraceutical products, merging scientific knowledge with the goodness of traditional herbs. The Health Ecosystem is an extension of Nutrabooti’s vision to enhance lifestyle-based health through research-based, efficient, and environmentally-friendly products.


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