SE Texas ER & Hospital Behavioral Health Services

Illustration representing the integration of behavioral health services at SE Texas ER & Hospital, ensuring expedient and individualized mental health care for patients.

Nutex Health Inc. (“Nutex Health” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: NUTX), a physician-led, technology-enabled integrated healthcare delivery system comprised of 22 state-of-the-art micro hospitals in 8 states and primary care-centric, risk-bearing physician networks, today announced that SE Texas ER & Hospital will be incorporating 24/7 behavioral health services along with emergency care in its hospital.

Nutex-affiliated hospital, SE Texas ER & Hospital, located at 19211 McKay Drive in Humble, TX can now offer specialized treatment for both adult and adolescent patients with acute psychiatric needs in the emergency room, in conjunction with a psychiatric provider. By partnering with psychiatric providers via a secure Telehealth platform, patients will undergo a psychiatric evaluation in the ER and receive a personalized treatment plan, including psychiatric interventions in the ER if needed.

With this initiative, Nutex aims to expand the hospital’s reach and provide a solution for a much-needed service in traditional ERs, as well as reducing ER boarding time, which historically has been a major issue in emergency departments. Nutex hopes that this initiative will open new doors for other Nutex-affiliated hospitals in the future.

“Behavioral health emergencies have always been a major problem in ERs. Currently, these patients would have to wait hours or days to be seen by a psychiatric provider, causing major disruption to both the patients’ lives as well as the emergency departments. With our model, among the first in the country, these patients will be seen in real time by a psychiatric provider in addition to the ER physician. This treatment combination allows these patients to be treated and discharged with follow-up directly from the ER, unlike most other current behavioral health patients,” stated Tom Vo, M.D., MBA, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nutex Health.

“Nutex is going to fill a large community need for mental health intervention with these new services. I’m thrilled that we now provide acute, expedient and individualized mental health care in a setting where the patient is comfortable. This initiative was implemented with our patient-first philosophy at the center,” stated Michael Chang, MD, FAAEM, Chief Medical Officer at SE Texas ER & Hospital.


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