Narayana Health’s Innovation: Record Speed in Treating Life-threatening Brain Aneurysm

Representational image of the pioneering medical team at Narayana Health.

Representation of the Narayana Health team celebrating their record-breaking achievement in brain aneurysm treatment

India’s healthcare industry marked a milestone recently when Narayana Health successfully treated a life-threatening brain aneurysm in record time. This achievement involved the world’s fastest deployment of a flow diverter stent in a patient’s brain, a procedure completed in under three minutes.

The patient, a 47-year-old individual, had multiple intracranial aneurysms. One of these had ruptured, causing severe internal bleeding within the brain. In such critical conditions, speed is of the essence, and the team at Narayana Health, led by Dr. Vikram Huded, lived up to the challenge.

Dr. Huded, a Senior Neuro-interventionist from the NH Institute of Neuroscience, along with his team, performed a flow diverter stenting procedure. The process usually takes approximately an hour but was completed in just two and a half minutes, breaking previous global records.

The advanced flow-diverter device used during this procedure was used for the first time in India. It was acknowledged by the device’s manufacturer as the fastest recorded deployment of its kind globally. The stenting technique encourages the blood to stay within the artery, thereby obstructing blood from entering the bulging aneurysm. Over time, the aneurysm’s blood flow reduces, leading it to shrink.

This medical milestone has not only redefined the limits of medical intervention but also offered a beacon of hope for patients with brain aneurysms, a condition that can lead to life-threatening situations if not promptly treated.


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