Medicom Recognized as One of the Most Promising Health IT Imaging Vendors of 2024 by KLAS Research

Recognized as Top Imaging Vendor in KLAS Research Report

Medicom Technologies' recognition as a top imaging vendor in the KLAS Research report highlights its commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare IT solutions.

Medicom Technologies, Inc. (Medicom) proudly announces its recognition as one of the most promising IT vendors in Imaging in the Emerging HCIT Companies 2024 KLAS Research report.

In a recent report released on January 16th, 2024, KLAS Research showcased Medicom alongside other healthcare IT vendors across various market segments. KLAS Research conducts annual interviews with healthcare organizations to assess their experiences with healthcare IT vendors, aiming to identify the top innovative and relevant contributors. Drawing from feedback from healthcare professionals alongside comprehensive KLAS website analytics, this report delves into emerging HCIT vendors, providing invaluable insights for health systems navigating the adoption of new technology.

“Medicom’s recognition in the Imaging category by KLAS Research underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare interoperability,” emphasized Malcolm Benitz, President of Medicom. “Medicom’s focus on developing intuitive, automated workflows for seamless image sharing and accessibility and our unique partnership approach drives a successful customer experience and ultimately improves patient outcomes.

The recognition as one of the most innovative and disruptive Imaging companies of 2024 further solidifies Medicom’s position as a leader in enterprise imaging. Our nationwide network of over two thousand sites facilitates millions of image exchanges annually, allowing us to break down long-standing barriers in accessibility to disparate health data, fostering necessary transformation among the broader healthcare ecosystem in the United States.”


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