IMA to Organize Conference on “Multispecialities Cardio Reno Metabolic & HF in Women” Tomorrow

Multispecialities Cardio Reno Metabolic Conference & HF in Women

Historic 'Multispecialities Cardio Reno Metabolic Conference & HF in Women' organized by IMA, Healthy Heart Society, and Max Super Speciality Hospital.

A day long “Multispecialities Cardio Reno Metabolic Conference & HF in Women” is being organized by Indian Medical Association (IMA), New Delhi Branch, Healthy Heart Society & Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, tomorrow at IIC, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate, Delhi as an historic event of its kind for the first time.

Dr. Chopra is of the firm opinion that early diagnosis and timely treatment of heart failure in a protocolized manner is the only solution to reduce heart failure inflicted morbidity and mortality. Dr. Chopra said that, “Clinico Echo NT Pro BNP navigation is the need of the hour for proper diagnosis of Heart Failure.”

Women are different phenotypally and genotypally with different cellular, neurohormonal mechanisms as compared to the men, they present late as they ignore their alignment. If timely and meticulously treated the outcome is better than men. Dr. Chopra emphasized that this event Multi Specialities Cardio Renal Metabolic Conference and Heart Failure in Women will crystalize guidelines for meticulous protocolized management of heart failure in women thereby helping reduce the morbidity and mortality. He also said that, “There is a strong connection between heart, kidney and metabolic abnormalities which is a matter of great concern.”

Dr. Chopra also emphasized that heart failure in women is preventable, regresible and reversible to a large extent by enhancing awareness about prevention and timely treatment of heart failure. This conference will focus on preventive strategies thereby having a paradigm shift from ”Illness to Wellness” by control of hypertension, diabetes, less salt consumption (4-5gm/day), adequate sleep, no smoking, stress management, regular exercise, meditation, yoga and dietary precautions will salvage the jeopardized heart.

Dr. Chopra discussed advances in technology including Echo, MRI, NT Pro BNP for diagnosis of heart failure and said that there is a discussion on revolutionary four iconic drugs including Dapagliflozin, ARNI, Beta Blockers, MRA, Vericiguat, new hope of lipid lowering drugs including Inclisiran, PCSK9i with statins, besides surgical and mechanical intervention. These four drugs are shining molecules and gold standard in the management of heart failure. He said that there is a need of “Heart Failure Clinic” in a every hospital and we must launch “Mission Heart Failure Care” for mass education by television or newspapers as a public education initiative to enhance the awareness

*Dr Viveka Kumar, President, IMA NDB and Principle Director & Chief of Cath labs (PAN Max) Cardiac Sciences, Max Heart & Vascular Institute said that, “Tavi, or Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation, is a revolutionary advancement in the field of structural heart interventions. This minimally invasive procedure offers a life-saving alternative for individuals with severe aortic stenosis who are unable to undergo traditional open-heart surgery. Tavi has transformed the landscape of cardiac care, providing hope and improved quality of life for patients deemed high-risk or inoperable. This game-changing technology, developed by NewWayLabs, has the potential to significantly impact the lives of millions worldwide. As we continue to push the boundaries of medical innovation, Tavi stands as a testament to the power of scientific progress and its ability to transform healthcare.”

Dr. Rajiv Garg, Secretary, IMA NDB said that, “It focused on lifestyle changes and preventing non communicable disease by integrating the power and promise of multiple superspeciality approaches. He also focused on the need for environmental wellbeing and occupational health in all segments of healthcare.”

Dr. Alok Bhandari, DMA President, Dr. Arun Gupta, DMC President, Dr Ashwini Dalmiya, Past President DMA, Dr. Girish Tyagi, Secretary, DMC, Dr. Prakash Lalchandani, Secretary DMA were present on the occasion. They appreciated the commendable efforts of IMA NDB as the first IMA branch of Delhi to focus on issue of prevention and meticulous treatment of Heart failure in women.

“Annual Accolades Ceremony for Women is the second component of this conference to recognize the doctor women for their immense contribution in the “Advanced Medical Care”. More than 150 eminent women doctors from different disciplines in Medicine will be conferred the award as a gesture of Women Empowerment. More than 300 delegates will participate in the scientific deliberations.


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