Hearing Hearts hosted a unique celebration under #NoMatterWhat, uniting children with and without hearing impairments to showcase boundless unity and compassion

Inclusive Celebration for Hearing Hearts

Children with and without hearing impairments come together to celebrate unity and compassion at the 2nd anniversary of Hearing Hearts.

Hearing Hearts celebrated its 2nd anniversary on Aug 19, 2023, coinciding with World Humanitarian Day and embracing the theme #NoMatterWhat. This event resonated with global humanitarian efforts to alleviate suffering. Guided by visionary Devangi Dalal, Hearing Hearts hosted a unique celebration under #NoMatterWhat, uniting children with and without hearing impairments to showcase boundless unity and compassion.

The festivity featured diverse activities like painting and games, fostering growth alongside enjoyment. By embracing varied abilities, Hearing Hearts showcased their commitment to an inclusive world. As the sun set, the focus turned to adults with speech and hearing challenges. The evening was an emotional journey, as they courageously danced and sang, breaking barriers that constrained them. Hearing-impaired adults found new movement clarity, dancing joyously.

Beyond a mere party, the celebration showcased the strength of community support. Devangi Dalal’s words emphasized ongoing community contribution, fostering a more beautiful world with unity. The event’s impact inspired renowned figures like Marathi actress Bhagya Nair and spiritual teacher Gaurang Das.

Devangi Dalal said, “I aspire to contribute even more to the community and provide assistance to individuals in need. If you encounter any challenges, please don’t hesitate to visit our clinic; we will offer guidance and support. Today we set an example of inclusivity where we brought together children with hearing impairments and those without. This will help in better results and a more beautiful world. Hearing Hearsts believe in listening to the hearts by not letting anyone feel different in our society. We have successfully completed two years with this motto and are committed to its continuation.”

Popular Marathi actress Bhagya Nair mentioned, “Devangi is doing “Sewa” and inspiring others also. I express my gratitude to her for extending the invitation to me. Witnessing the radiant smiles of children and observing how beautifully they can express the emotions in their hearts is truly astounding and enchanting.”

Spiritual teacher Gaurang Das added by saying, “Devangi Dalal is making the world a more beautiful place for special children by helping them develop their talents. This clinic has given these children a fresh start, and I’m thankful to her for these wonderful efforts.”

The celebration’s echoes reverberated beyond attendees, touching and uniting the community. Hearing Hearts pledges to uphold its mission, offering solace, healing, and courage to conquer challenges. This celebration stands as a beacon of resilience – together, no challenge is insurmountable. No matter what.


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