eXeX & AdventHealth Surgery Center Innovation Tower Pioneer Use of Apple Vision Pro in Joint Replacement Surgery

Apple Vision Pro headset in surgery

eXeX & AdventHealth Surgery Center Innovation Tower Pioneer Use of Apple Vision Pro in Joint Replacement Surgery

eXeX, a leader in artificial intelligence enhanced surgical logistics software, has achieved a world first by successfully utilizing the Apple Vision Pro in organizing and managing a Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty. This marks the first-ever use of Apple’s spatial computing headset in a procedure of this kind, setting a new benchmark for technological innovation in surgery.

The landmark procedure was performed by G. Russell Huffman, MD, MPH of Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, and took place at AdventHealth Surgery Center Innovation Tower in Orlando, Florida. eXeX’s technology platform played a crucial role in the surgery, demonstrating the exceptional adaptability and potential of spatial computing applications in complex surgical environments.

AdventHealth Surgery Center Innovation Tower and eXeX partnered in 2023 to introduce spatial computing and artificial intelligence technology to the hospital’s surgical teams. eXeX’s software offers technicians holographic and touch-free access to the surgical setup, inventory, and procedural guides from within the sterile field of the operating room, granting them access to data and visualization that was previously never available. The platform has significantly increased efficiency of surgical delivery,  with equipment and workflow accuracy, improving patient outcomes.

Commenting on the partnership, eXeX’s CEO Robert Masson, MD stated “The surgery team at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute and AdventHealth Surgery Center Innovation Tower have committed themselves to the highest level of surgical innovation and performance on behalf of their patients.”

One of the unique challenges overcome in this procedure was the necessity to work within the constraints of the Stryker personal protection system, which has previously limited the use of mixed reality headsets in sterile surgical settings. The Apple Vision Pro headset proved to be the solution. It was seamlessly integrated under the protective hood, enabling the scrub technician to utilize the eXeX software without hindrance.

Dr. Huffman stated, “This achievement is not just a milestone for eXeX but a leap forward for the entire medical industry. Our successful use of the Apple Vision Pro and the eXeX software in such a complex environment underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in surgical procedures and patient care.”

Kara Harmon, the Administrator and Director of Operations at AdventHealth Surgery Center Innovation Tower stated, “Using the Apple Vision Pro for the first time to organize a reverse total shoulder surgery, is not just an advancement, but a testament to our commitment to pioneering patient care. eXeX to me is the next step in what the surgical world needs.”

The surgery completed by Dr. Huffman and with his team utilizing the Apple Vision Pro is a powerful demonstration of eXeX’s vision to continuously innovate and enhance the capabilities of healthcare professionals, thereby improving surgical outcomes and patient care.


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