Cyclone Biporjoy Looms: Save Earth Mission Champions Comprehensive Safety Measures

Save Earth Mission Logo - Cyclone Biporjoy Advisory

Save Earth Mission’s logo, a symbol of commitment towards safeguarding communities against natural disasters like Cyclone Biporjoy.

Save Earth Mission has taken the helm in issuing comprehensive guidelines to safeguard communities against the imminent Cyclone Biporjoy.

The impending threat of Cyclone Biporjoy has instigated Save Earth Mission to issue an exhaustive set of guidelines to bolster community safety, echoing the proactive approach during Cyclone Hudhud in 2014.

With an orange alert in effect, Save Earth Mission has advised residents to store drinking water, as was demonstrated during Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh in 2007, to be effective in maintaining hydration during such crises.

Emergency lighting, crucial during Cyclone Vardah in 2016, is also emphasized, with recommendations to keep torches, candles, and batteries on hand.

Stocking up on non-perishable food items, maintaining communication lines by charging mobile phones, and ensuring transportation by filling fuel tanks are other important measures.

Turning off gas cylinders and electrical connections is a critical safety step, a necessity proven during Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu in 2015.

Securing solar panels, parking vehicles safely, and stockpiling medical supplies are other vital steps outlined by Save Earth Mission.

Ensuring pets’ safety is also important, as was highlighted during Cyclone Debbie in Australia in 2017.

Save Earth Mission urges community solidarity and vigilance as Cyclone Biporjoy approaches.


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