Coloplast launches Peristeen® Light for people with bowel disorders

"Peristeen Light Transanal Irrigation Device"

"Illustration of the Peristeen Light transanal irrigation device."

The new transanal irrigation device is designed to help people facing defecation issues or stool leakage.

It is estimated that 10-15% of the world’s population are affected by chronic constipation1 and that 6% struggle with faecal incontinence2, both of which can cause physical discomfort and mental distress3. Although transanal irrigation treatment can help, the journey to treatment is often challenging with many patients left untreated. For some patients, symptoms are not considered severe enough, while others can feel intimidated by the existing treatments and product offerings, often leading to social isolation4.

“Transanal irrigation is a well-documented and effective treatment, but there are still many barriers that prevent people from getting the right care. With Peristeen Light we aim to help break down those barriers, enabling more people to access the treatment and improve their quality of life,” says Nicolai Buhl, Executive Vice President of Innovation.

Peristeen Light is designed to bring relief. It is a hand-held, low-volume transanal irrigation device that instills water into the rectum, thereby evacuating the stool from the lower bowel. Peristeen Light is developed based on 20 years of insights from Coloplast’s high-volume transanal irrigation device, Peristeen Plus. Peristeen Light is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, assembled in just two steps, and enables a smooth insertion into the rectum with a soft and flexible catheter.

The launch of Peristeen Light begins in February 2024 and the device is expected to be available in European markets over the next 12 months5.


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