Clinical trial on Ambio Life Sciences’ ibogaine treatment for Navy SEALs with traumatic brain injury published in Nature Medicine

Ibogaine Treatment Clinical Trial Results Published in Nature Medicine

Ambio Life Sciences' ibogaine treatment shows promise in addressing traumatic brain injuries, with significant improvements observed in veterans participating in a groundbreaking clinical trial.

Today, Nature Medicine published the results of a clinical trial, in which 30 former Navy SEALs were administered ibogaine at Ambio Life Sciences in Mexico to treat traumatic brain injuries, which they developed during their military careers. The results show incredible promise for ibogaine to treat the emotional results of combat-related trauma.

“For Ambio, it further highlights the remarkable healing potential of ibogaine, which we’re confident will expand the treatment landscape for veterans and many others,” said Jonathan Dickinson, Ambio’s CEO.

The study, conducted by Nolan Williams, M.D., and the Brain Stimulation Laboratory at Stanford University, involved special forces veterans traveling to Mexico where they underwent Ambio’s treatment protocol. During the five-day inpatient treatment, subjects received ibogaine alongside magnesium and a comprehensive patent-pending safety protocol designed to mitigate the cardiac risks associated with ibogaine.

The paper documents substantial improvements on disability measures, as well as PTSD, depression and anxiety scores, both immediately after the treatment and at a one-month follow-up. While ibogaine has received attention for its use as an addiction treatment, this publication represents the first human clinical trial to explore traumatic brain injury, a major application of ibogaine for which there is no existing pharmacotherapy.

The former special forces operators received grants to  cover the costs of their treatment from Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions (VETS Inc.), a 501c3 dedicated to the use of psychedelic therapies to help end the epidemic of veteran suicide.

“We are immensely grateful to Ambio Life Sciences for their exceptional work in providing ibogaine treatment to our Foundational Healing Grant recipients,” said Amber Capone, co-founder and executive director of VETS. “Their dedication and expertise have been instrumental in the remarkable improvements we’ve seen in our veterans’ mental health and overall well-being. This collaboration is a beacon of hope and a critical step in our ongoing mission to combat veteran suicide and support recovery from traumatic brain injuries and PTSD.”


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