Apollo Spectra Hospital Cracks the Code: Medical Mavericks Treat Patient with Rare Intestinal TB

Doctor and medical staff at Apollo Spectra Hospital celebrating successful treatment of a patient with intestinal tuberculosis.

The medical team at Apollo Spectra Pune, led by Dr. Samrat Shah, celebrates after successfully treating a patient with a rare case of intestinal tuberculosis.

In what could be termed as a medical detective story, Apollo Spectra Hospital in Pune achieved a remarkable feat in diagnosing and treating a case of rare intestinal tuberculosis in a 37-year-old patient named Anil Gupte (name changed for privacy).

Dr. Samrat Shah, who spearheaded the team, described the difficult path to diagnosis. The patient had been suffering from high fever and fatigue. Initial tests for malaria, typhoid, and dengue were negative. The team then ventured into more in-depth diagnostic procedures. A colonoscopy and endoscopy were performed, revealing large and small bowel ulcers. Further investigation led to the conclusion that the patient had intestinal tuberculosis.

Dr. Shah stated that there are three types of intestinal tuberculosis – ulcerative, hypertrophic, and ulcerative hypertrophy. Anil’s case was particularly severe because 75% of the ulcers were found in the small intestine, which is uncommon.

The case highlights the necessity for thorough diagnostics and the importance of considering rare conditions. The team’s ability to crack the code on this challenging case showcases Apollo Spectra’s commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare.


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