A Remarkable Journey to Rediscover Mobility: A Man’s Triumph Over Six Years of Disability

Sudhir Patil walking pain-free after medical procedure

Discover the inspiring case of Sudhir Patil's triumphant battle against severe leg pain with a groundbreaking medical procedure at Wockardt Hospital.

This inspiring case study recounts the extraordinary story of Sudhir Patil, a 67-year-old man who battled severe leg pain and immobility for six long years. After enduring countless disappointments and failed attempts at finding a diagnosis at multiple hospitals, Sudhir found renewed hope when he came across Wockardt Hospital, Mumbai Central. Dr. Sheetal Goyal identified Sudhir’s condition as vascular claudication and perform a groundbreaking procedure that changed Sudhir’s life forever. Within hours of the surgery, Sudhir experienced the joyous sensation of walking pain-free, marking the beginning of a transformative journey.

Sudhir’s struggle began with unexplained leg pain, which worsened with every step he took. He faced countless challenges due to a severe condition that restricted his ability to walk for six agonizing years. Amidst his despair, a relative recommended him to Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.

Sudhir went to Wockardt Hospital, where a dedicated team of doctors resolved to help him. After through diagnosis, they unravel the mystery behind Sudhir’s condition and started preparations to restore Sudhir’s mobility.

Upon meeting Sudhir and conducting a comprehensive assessment, Dr. Goyal successfully identified Sudhir’s condition as vascular claudication, shedding light on the vascular blockages impeding blood flow to his legs.

Yet, the challenge lay in pinpointing the precise location of the blockage, as indicated by inconclusive Doppler reports. Dr. Goyal collaborated with Interventional Radiologists Dr. Ashank Bansal and Dr. Abhijeet Soni and opted for a Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA), an intricate procedure that would provide a clearer picture of Sudhir’s condition.

The DSA uncovered a severe 90% stenosis—a blockage in the aorta, the crucial vessel originating from the heart. Although the proposed treatment of angioplasty and stenting carried a slight risk of aorta rupture. With Sudhir’s informed consent, Dr. Ashank Bansal and Dr. Abhijeet Soni, Interventional Radiologists, performed the delicate procedure using the latest minimally invasive techniques.

Within mere hours of the intervention, Sudhir felt a newfound sense of liberation as he walked painlessly for the first time in years. Overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion, tears welled up in Sudhir’s eyes as he thanked the doctors at Wockardt Hospital. The following day, Sudhir accomplished an extraordinary feat—he walked a non-stop distance of 500 meters, an achievement that once seemed inconceivable.

This captivating case underscores the significance of accurate diagnosis and specialized intervention in complex medical conditions. Sudhir Patil’s extraordinary journey offers a profound glimpse into the transformative impact that medical expertise, compassion, and cutting-edge procedures can have on a person’s life.


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