A Leap in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Brings AI-driven Precision

Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Logo with 3D cancer visualization background

Avenda Health's Unfold AI - Transforming Prostate Cancer Treatment through Machine Learning and 3D Visualization

Artificial intelligence continues to make waves in the medical world, with Avenda Health now at the helm. The healthcare company’s machine learning model, Unfold AI, promises to usher in a new era in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Recently, a study led by Stanford University School of Medicine demonstrated the prowess of Unfold AI in accurately identifying not just the location, but the extent of prostate cancer. This groundbreaking discovery was published in European Urology Open Science.

Traditional MRI technology has been limited to detecting the location of prostate cancer, but Unfold AI’s capability to also determine the extent of cancer is revolutionizing treatment options.

Through 3D visualization, physicians can now opt for a more informed and tailored approach, ensuring that the entirety of the cancer is addressed. This significantly reduces the risk of residual cancer and minimizes damage to sensitive tissues.

Avenda Health’s co-founder and CEO, Shyam Natarajan, Ph.D., spoke highly of Unfold AI, which received FDA clearance in late 2022. He envisions a future where AI-driven precision becomes the norm, offering prostate cancer patients a personalized care plan that enhances their quality of life.

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