6th National Conference on Tobacco or Health Convenes in Delhi

6th National Conference on Tobacco or Health

Experts and stakeholders gather at the 6th National Conference on Tobacco or Health to strategize towards a tobacco-free future for India.

With India battling a staggering toll of over 1 million deaths annually due to tobacco use, the nation is gearing up for an ‘audacious race against time’ to become tobacco-free. The 6th National Conference on Tobacco or Health, themed “Towards Tobacco-Free India – An Audacious Race Against Time” will serve as a crucial pitstop in this race, convening leading experts, policymakers, and advocates from February 16-18, 2024, at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.

Organized by the esteemed International Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR) Delhi in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and supported by the World Health Organization, the conference will be a melting pot of diverse perspectives dedicated to tackling the tobacco epidemic.

Prof. Sutapa B Neogi, Director of IIHMR Delhi, paints a stark picture of the challenge, saying “More than 1 million Indians die each year from tobacco use, accounting for a staggering 9.5% of overall deaths. We face a dual burden of smoking and smokeless tobacco, with nearly 29% of adults currently consuming tobacco. Tobacco use remains a critical public health challenge, with millions of lives lost annually. It is imperative that we unite to combat this dual burden of smoking and smokeless tobacco.”

“The conference serves as a platform for professionals, researchers, and policymakers to exchange knowledge and best practices in tobacco control research, policies, and advocacy. By bringing together national and international experts, we aim to foster meaningful discussions and drive impactful change,” Prof. Neogi adds.

With tobacco consumption posing a significant threat to public health and society, the conference aims to address this pressing issue and strategize towards a tobacco-free future for India. Against the backdrop of alarming tobacco-related mortality rates in the country, stakeholders from various sectors will converge to share insights and collaborate on effective tobacco control measures.

“This conference will be an enlightening and productive platform, bringing together experts and stakeholders to catalyse impactful change. Together, we can take decisive steps towards building a healthier, tobacco-free India.” emphasizes Prof. Neogi.

The event will attract a diverse array of participants, including practitioners, corporate executives, government officials, public health organisations, and NGOs actively engaged in tobacco control initiatives. Through networking opportunities and interactive sessions, attendees will gain valuable insights into cutting-edge strategies for tobacco control research and policy implementation.

Representatives from all States and Union Territories are expected to attend, making this conference a pivotal moment for collective action towards a healthier, tobacco-free India. The 6th National Conference on Tobacco or Health promises to be an enlightening and productive event, laying the groundwork for transformative advancements in tobacco control efforts.

Register today and become part of this crucial event. To know more, please visit https://nctoh.iihmrdelhi.edu.in/registration


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