Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central launches first-of-its-kind “Diabetes Surgery Clinic”


Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central today announced the launch of the Diabetes Surgery Clinic. This clinic will provide preventive and therapeutic care in the treatment of diabetes. According, to ICMR, over the past three decades, there has been a 150% increase in diabetes patients in the country. Considering the increasing prevalence of Diabetes in India this clinic aims to provide better care and support to the patient by preventing diabetes-related complications.

Diabetes is a disease that happens when blood sugar (glucose) levels increase. The glucose can get inside the cells because of the hormone named insulin. If the body cells are unable to use insulin, the glucose cannot get into the cells and stays in the blood. This condition is called insulin resistance, which is the primary problem in type 2 or adult diabetes. Such a condition, if it lasts for a longer time can lead to serious health issues. It can affect kidneys, nerves, eyes, heart, feet etc. The surgery treats diabetes by reducing the insulin resistance, which helps in controlling the sugar levels in the blood. After undergoing diabetic surgery, the effect on the blood sugar is seen immediately within a couple of days of the surgery. 
Dr Ramen Goel, Consultant Diabetes Surgeon, Center of Bariatric Excellence at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central said, “Looking at the ‘sugar pandemic’ that is spreading fast in our country, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai Central has decided to launch Diabetes Surgery Clinic. Diabetes is a silent killer with major complications like heart attacks, brain strokes, kidney failures, blindness etc and is a progressive disease in which cure is unlikely with medicines. However, post diabetes surgery, about 65% of diabetic patients do not need medications and over 90% of patients have excellent diabetes control for long time. Not only the blood sugar is controlled, and medicines are discontinued, this surgery reduce the chances of diabetes complications by 50%-90%”

The Diabetes Surgery Clinic is headed by Dr Ramen Goel, a Senior Metabolic Surgeon. He is the first surgeon in Mumbai and only the second in India to start bariatric or metabolic surgeries in 2001. Since 2011, he is exclusively practicing bariatric surgeries and has been conferred fellowships for his pioneering work by the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh in 2020, Obesity Surgery Society of India in 2020 and American Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeons in 2021.


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