Wingderm® Shines at IMCAS Asia 2024 with the Innovative Aesthetic Solutions

Wingderm booth at IMCAS Asia 2024

Wingderm® at IMCAS Asia 2024

From June 21 to 23, IMCAS Asia was held in Bangkok, Thailand. Wingderm®, a provider of medical aesthetic devices, has garnered significant attention with its innovative aesthetic solutions.

Many visitors stopped by Wingderm®’s booth and stayed for valuable insights. Wingderm® members communicated and discussed with peers, industry experts and business representatives from all over the world, introducing the design concepts and positionings of the products, staying current with the latest industry and technology trends, learning the successful experience of many outstanding companies. Through communication with all of them, Wingderm® can design the strategies of R&D and market positioning more accurately.

Throughout the exhibition, Derma Innovation, Wingderm®’s distributor in Thailand, has provided substantial support and assistance. With the local advantages of Derma Innovation, Wingderm® can communicate with visitors more effectively, enhancing their trust and recognition of Wingderm®’s products and services.

At every international exhibition, Wingderm® presents professional products and advanced aesthetic concepts, while also improving the reputation. In the future, Wingderm® will continue to participate in international exhibitions and industry events, and look forward to working with excellent partners to provide high-quality products and services for global beauty seekers.


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