Menstrual Health in India: Medical Insights from Everteen’s 2023 Survey

An overview of key insights from Everteen's 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023

Highlighting the main insights from Everteen's 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023 that addresses critical aspects of menstrual hygiene and women's health

Everteen’s 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023 provides a wealth of data that reveals critical aspects of women’s menstrual health in India. Nearly 10,000 women from various Indian cities participated in this comprehensive survey.

The survey found that a large number of women suffer from severe menstrual cramps, with 63.6% reporting moderate to severe pain. Furthermore, menstrual discomfort is so severe for some that it affects their sleep, with over 50% of women being unable to sleep well during the first two days of their periods.

Another major issue revealed in the survey is irregular periods. It was found that 69.3% of women have experienced irregular periods at some point in their menstruating life. However, nearly 60% of those affected did not consult a doctor. This points towards a lack of awareness or hesitation in seeking medical help for menstrual issues.

A significant concern highlighted in the survey is the prevalence and lack of understanding of white discharge. One in four women (25.8%) still does not know how to manage white discharge, even though 83.4% of women have experienced it at some point. This emphasizes the urgent need for increased education and medical guidance regarding menstrual and reproductive health issues.

The survey thus presents a clear call to action for healthcare providers to enhance efforts towards women’s menstrual health, starting from increasing awareness about menstrual health issues to providing accessible and effective treatment options.


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