LISSUN and Dr. Roma Kumar Collaborate to Advance Child Mental Health Education

Dr. Roma Kumar joining LISSUN team

Dr. Roma Kumar joins forces with LISSUN to revolutionize child mental health care.

Dr. Roma Kumar, an eminent psychologist, has joined hands with LISSUN, India’s leading mental health platform, in a partnership that promises to revolutionize child mental health education. They aim to promote greater understanding and effective intervention strategies for mental health challenges faced by children and adolescents.

LISSUN, known for its dedication to mental health and emotional wellness, has been revolutionizing mental health services since its inception. The recent collaboration with Dr. Kumar signifies a significant expansion in the child mental healthcare sector, and the importance of educating professionals about mental health needs of children and adolescents.

“Through this partnership, we aim to foster an environment of continuous learning and skill enhancement among mental health professionals,” states Tarun Gupta, Co-Founder of LISSUN. Their commitment to knowledge sharing and professional development is likely to make a significant impact on the child mental health care landscape in India.

As a part of the collaboration, LISSUN and Dr. Kumar will work together to develop specialized protocols for Child Development Interventions and Services. Additionally, they plan to facilitate training programs for psychologists and mental health staff, ensuring a high standard of care. LISSUN’s ambitious plans to establish Phygital child development centers also reflect a dedication to providing comprehensive support to children, promising a brighter future for child mental health care in India.


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