LabelBlind to Study the Baseline Nutrition Values of Packed Food Products


Looking at the importance and increased need for front of pack labelling of packaged food products in the country, FoLSol® by LabelBlind®, India’s first food labelling and regulatory compliance digital food rating platform will study the baseline nutrition values of packed food products. 

The statistical findings of the study done by LabelBlind® would go on to provide data intelligence and insights for the draft regulation on India’s 1st Front of Pack Labelling of Packaged Food Products with Nutrition Star Ratings. The regulation, as it comes into force, will guide consumers to choose healthier food options, besides creating nutrition literacy amongst them.

Their food rating system established ratings for 8000 high consumption packaged food products, across 140 food categories, on a nutrition score of 1 (least healthy) to 5 (healthiest). 

In 2020-21, the company created FoLSol® (Food Labelling Solutions) – India’s 1st Digital Food Labelling Software to strengthen food regulation compliances with a digital labelling model that is accurate, fast and economical, to benefit packed foods and hotels, restaurants and QSR businesses. In 2022, FoLSol® by LabelBlind® was taken to the market, and went onto to create labelling software for leading players of the food industry, they have gone on to establish partnerships in the food space to extend labelling compliance services in the areas of Lab Test, Quality Compliance and Food Standard Certifications. 

It is key to adhere to Global Export Labelling regulations, LabelBlind® is working towards developing the global exports labelling software and is networking with food companies to know the digitization needs to design the product which will be ready to use from day one.

Speaking on the same, Rashida Vapiwala, Founder – LabeBlind® adds, The food ecosystem is what defines the health and well-being of citizens of a country. It is rather mandatory to be labelling compliant as per government regulations. The added benefit is that it helps win consumers’ trust. We at LabelBlind®, are committed towards providing easy packed food labelling, menu labelling and other digitised forms of food labelling including the use of QR codes. The world is moving rapidly towards digitization, and FoLSol® by LabelBlind® has come into existence to ease the process of food labelling for food businesses to comply with domestic and international regulations. Today, any food business can use the platform to be completely label compliant and meet all food and safety standards with ease.”


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