Keventers Introduces a Sparkling Twist to Summer with New Iced Beverages Collection


Keventers, the iconic Indian Dairy brand with a remarkable 97-year legacy, is taking on the summer heat with the launch of a new Sparkling Iced Beverages range. As part of their “Soothing Summer Sips” campaign, Keventers is offering five delightful flavors (Mango Fiesta, Berry Rhapsody, Spiced Chai Cooler, Citrus Splash Iced Tea, and Peach Harmony Iced Tea) to cater to consumers’ cravings for refreshing and tasty summer drinks.

Inspired by the brand’s tagline “A Dance of Fizz and Flavors,” the Sparkling Iced Beverages range offers a captivating medley of flavors that are perfect for the hot Indian summer. The collection includes Indian-inspired flavors such as Mango Fiesta and Berry Rhapsody, which masterfully blend sweet and tangy notes. Spiced Chai Cooler, a refreshingly spiced treat, caters to tea enthusiasts, while Citrus Splash Iced Tea and Peach Harmony Iced Tea provide a burst of happiness in every bottle.

Available at participating Keventers outlets throughout India, these revitalizing summer beverages boast a chic, modern packaging design. With prices starting at Rs.159, customers can enjoy these invigorating beverages in both regular and medium-sized Keventers bottles. Keventers’ Founder and CEO, Mr. Agastya Dalmia, shared his thoughts on the new product launch, highlighting their focus on embracing contemporary trends, understanding consumer preferences, and infusing their products with creative twists.


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