Introducing LIPOFER™ Vegan Gummies: A Tasty and Effective Iron Supplement Solution

LIPOFER vegan iron gummy supplement

A breakthrough in plant-based iron supplementation - LIPOFER™ vegan gummies

Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) has developed LIPOFER™ gummies, a plant-based, iron-fortified supplement that addresses the challenges associated with daily iron consumption. The gummies, created under the Nutra 2.0 mission, provide consumers with a convenient and delicious way to meet their daily iron requirements.

The LIPOFER™ gummies use innovative microencapsulation technology to protect the iron pyrophosphate, ensuring better absorption, increased bioavailability, and minimal side effects. These gummies deliver a 10mg dose of elemental iron

in a single serving, which is higher than most iron supplements currently available on the market. The gummies have been specifically designed to overcome the issues often associated with traditional iron supplements, such as unpleasant taste and gastrointestinal side effects.

LLS Health will showcase the vegan LIPOFER™ gummies at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, stand #D60. With their fruity flavor and pectin-based formulation, these gummies cater to a wide range of consumers seeking a convenient and appealing iron supplement option. By offering innovative iron-fortified supplements like the LIPOFER™ gummies, LLS Health is addressing the growing demand for non-traditional dosage forms and helping manufacturers create products that resonate with modern consumers.


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