Hyugalife.com Partners with Katrina Kaif to Promote Authentic Health and Wellness Products in India


In a bid to promote health and wellness in India, Hyugalife.com has joined forces with Indian actor and fitness icon, Katrina Kaif. Hyugalife.com is a specialist one-stop destination for authentic health and wellness products co-founded by Sachin Parikh, Anvi Shah, and Neehar Modi. The platform offers over 6000 items sourced directly from leading brands like Gynoveda, MuscleBlaze, Optimum Nutrition, Oziva, Plix, and Power Gummies.

With an aim to inspire every Indian to be at their healthy best, Hyugalife.com has entered into a partnership with Katrina Kaif. As an investor and partner, Katrina Kaif’s involvement in Hyugalife.com provides a significant validation of the platform’s mission to improve India’s health standards by offering authentic health and wellness products conveniently through a one-stop marketplace.

Katrina Kaif is thrilled to be a part of this venture and believes that Hyugalife.com is offering high-quality, authentic products at our fingertips. “With an aim at promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I am excited to work with the team to help bring their vision of a healthier & happier India to life,” she said. Anvi Shah, CEO of Hyugalife.com, echoes her enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to have Katrina Kaif as an investor and partner in Hyugalife.com, so we together can help achieve our mission.”


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