How to inculcate a skin routine at a young age? 


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With increasing pollutants, taking care of your skin has become of paramount importance,  especially when it comes to hormonal teen skin. The key to taking care of your teenage skin  is to start practicing healthy habits early on. There are limited brands in the market that  cater to this specific age group, one such brand is Tikitoro, which curates products specially  formulated for kids between the ages 4-10 and for teens between the ages 11-16. 

When you are in your teens, your body is already starting to change rapidly, you should start  taking good care of your skin immediately, if you have not already started. This practice  helps you maintain the healthiest possible state of your skin and prevent difficulties later  brought on by premature aging. 

Implementing an efficient skincare routine is simple. All you require are the proper products  for your skin type, effective methods, and the desire to take daily care of your skin. 

Here are a few tips to healthy teen skin: 

1) Use a gentle cleanser: To effectively cleanse your face from oil and dirt, use a  cleanser or a facewash that suits your skin type to keep your face moisturized and  avoid it from drying out or causing irritation 

2) Moisturize your skin: Use a moisturizer or a lotion twice a day to keep your skin  hydrated, supple, and glowing! 

3) Treat acne: While acne may occur at any age, teenagers are most likely to get it. Acne  breakouts occur due to the hormonal changes teens incur at that age. It is very  important to treat it immediately to avoid any further spread. Using a Facewash with  anti-acne properties twice a day can significantly help in improving overall skin health  and reducing acne. 

4) Always wear sunscreen: Depending on your skin’s pigmentation, use a moisturizing  sunscreen with zinc oxide (at least 7%) and an SPF of 30 or higher all year long to  keep your skin safe, prevent sunburn & prevent premature aging of your skin. 

5) Makeup habits: Make sure you remove the makeup you applied before you go to  bed 

6) Follow a well-balanced diet: Consume a healthy, balanced diet that is rich in fruits  and vegetables. Eat less sugar and oil-containing food because these items that can  aggravate your underlying skin conditions. 

And most importantly, Choose The Right Products! Choosing the right products can have a  great impact on keeping your skin & hair nourished and healthy ( and vice versa ). For  example, Choose a cleanser with a formula without soap if you have dry skin or with salicylic  acid or other acne preventing actives, if you have oily skin.

To sum it up, Teenagers are more prone to breakouts due to stress and changing hormones.  However, you can maintain super-happy & healthy skin and hair with a few easy skin care  techniques and a good personal care regimen!


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