Healthium Medtech Launches TRUMASTM, India’s First Exclusive Range of Sutures for Minimal Access Surgery

TRUMASTM Sutures in Minimal Access Surgery

Healthium's innovative TRUMASTM sutures enhance surgical precision in minimal access surgeries.

Healthium Medtech, a global leader in medical technology solutions, today announced that the company has launched TRUMASTM, a range of sutures meticulously designed to address challenges faced during suturing in minimal access surgeries. As India celebrates its 77th year of Independence, Healthium reaffirms its commitment to innovation in the Indian medtech landscape by introducing such a path-breaking solution designed to revolutionize suturing during minimal access procedures.

Minimal access surgery, a technique that has gained remarkable momentum over the last two decades, is now considered the gold standard for performing surgeries across various medical specialties. Clinicians have witnessed a surge in technological advancements enhancing surgical precision and patient outcomes. However, suturing within the realm of MAS has been relatively untouched by specialized development, often relying heavily on the skills of practicing surgeons.

Anish Bafna, CEO & MD, Healthium Medtech, said, “It gives us utmost pleasure to launch TRUMASTM, which will further the growth of Medtech solutions in India. This is another great addition to our robust and dynamic product portfolio in the wound closure segment. We will continue to add value to our customers and patients by manufacturing high-quality precision-based devices and products that address the unmet gaps and bring patient safety to the fore. TRUMASTM is a cutting-edge range of sutures meticulously designed to address challenges faced during suturing in minimal access surgeries with conventional sutures. By blending surgical expertise with innovative technology, we at Healthium aim to empower surgeons to deliver better outcomes and enhance patient care.”

In conversations with numerous minimal access surgeons across India, Healthium identified unmet needs in suturing during such procedures that can significantly enhance surgical outcomes. Leveraging its position as one of the world’s largest suture manufacturers and the largest surgical needle producer by volume, Healthium’s dedicated R&D, design and engineering teams have transformed insightful ideas and expert suggestions into a tangible solution – TRUMASTM.

The portfolio consists of multiple needle and suture combinations designed to offer the complete range of solution to surgeons including: Anti-reflective needles to reduce eye fatigue, optimally curved needles with appropriate length for easy introduction and manoeuvrability, square body needles for better grip and optimised suture length including short length barb sutures.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Ashok Kumar Moharana, Chief Medical Officer, Healthium Medtech said, “TRUMASTM underscores Healthium’s dedication to advancing medical technology through collaboration, innovation and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of medical professionals. Healthium’s committed teams in research, design and engineering will continue to act on expert feedback and recommendations that will propel medical technology toward enhanced patient care. As Healthium takes this monumental step on the path of medical progress, we invite surgeons, healthcare experts and the entire medical community to witness the future of suturing in minimal access surgery.”

Also speaking on the occasion, Prashant Krishnan, Global Business Head, Advanced Surgeries, Healthium Medtech, “TRUMASTM stands as a testament to Healthium Medtech’s unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation in the realm of minimal access surgery. As we celebrate India’s 77th year of Independence, we proudly introduce a revolutionary range of sutures that blend surgical expertise with cutting-edge technology. TRUMASTM not only addresses the unmet challenges of suturing in minimal access surgeries but propels patient care to new heights. By seamlessly fusing precision and innovation, we empower surgeons to elevate their outcomes and shape the future of surgical excellence.”


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