DrTalks Proudly Presents the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit to Take Place Virtually from January 16-22, 2024

Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2024

Join the Summit for Knowledge, Hope, and Healing

DrTalks is excited to announce the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit to take place from January 16 – 22, 2024. This online gathering is a shining beacon of hope for those facing the challenges of breast cancer. Hosted by Jennifer Simmons, MD, and Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, this summit provides a sanctuary of knowledge for patients and families. With over 40 health experts sharing wisdom, this event provides actionable, accessible information to anyone struggling with breast cancer.

The from traditional medical paths make many feel overwhelmed, defined by breast cancer, or scared of not seeing the expected results The summit’s mission is to tackle these pain points, turning them into empowering outcomes. From diet adjustments to understanding the disease’s root causes, attendees will be armed with potential solutions to face breast cancer with confidence.

Jennifer Simmons, MD, is a surgeon with two decades of personal and professional experience helping people navigate the challenges of breast cancer. She brings her passion for providing holistic care to thousands of people. Her aim is to bring you solutions and information you have not found before. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, a two-time breast cancer survivor, empowers women worldwide through her Breast Cancer Conqueror initiative and her 7 Essentials System.

Together, they have curated a powerful summit that aims to shift the narrative away from fear towards hope, knowledge, and healing.


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