China’s Biopharma Surge Takes Center Stage at CPHI Japan 2023


CPHI Japan 2023, set for April 19-21, provides an ideal platform for experts to explore the profound implications of China’s rapidly growing biopharma sector on the APAC region. Ian Haydock, Editor-In-Chief, Insights, Asia-Pacific at Citeline, will discuss the burgeoning influence of China’s biopharma industry during his keynote address, shedding light on how the sector is reshaping the region’s R&D, manufacturing, and outsourcing dynamics.

China’s focus on Southeast Asia and Japan emerges as a strategic response to recent setbacks in the US market. With 24% of global R&D in new drugs and vaccines now originating in China, the country’s influence on the APAC region’s biopharma landscape cannot be understated. Japan’s innovation scene remains strong but faces challenges from drug pricing systems, which impact research-based multinationals operating in the country.

This shift in the global biopharma landscape is driving the emergence of new distribution channels and regional manufacturing hubs. The APAC biopharma sector, characterized by its diverse array of smaller innovators, fosters a dynamic and varied supply side with numerous supply partners. CPHI Japan 2023 is set to draw 7,000 executives from 95 countries, marking a return to pre-pandemic levels of participation.

As CPHI Japan 2023 celebrates its 20th anniversary, the event will host an array of special events, including an award ceremony that honors the key role of companies in shaping Japan’s thriving pharma industry. The growing interest from international players in accessing the Japanese market and forging partnerships with regional suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers is a testament to the event’s significance in the global biopharma arena.


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