Aster Medcity, Kochi attains milestone with first-ever Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation Surgery in Kerala.

Neuro-Urological Surgery in Kerala

A successful neuro-urological surgery offers hope for individuals with overactive bladder syndrome.

In a notable healthcare breakthrough, Aster Medcity, a prominent part of Aster DM healthcare, successfully carried out a revolutionary interdisciplinary surgery. This surgical feat involved both the neurosurgery and urology departments, aiming to alleviate the distressing condition of an overactive bladder.

The patient, Hariharan, a 34-year-old resident of Kakkanad, was battling a severe case of overactive bladder syndrome. Despite various treatments and medications, his condition persisted, leading to a drastic deterioration in his quality of life. An estimated 20% of adults over the age of 40 are believed to have overactive bladder symptoms, with the number increasing with age.

In a medical tour de force, the doctors at Aster Medcity proposed an innovative surgical approach – Sacral Neuromodulation Surgery. This involved implanting the InterStim device, akin to a pacemaker, to regulate the sacral nerves that control bladder functions. The success of this landmark surgery has given new hope to patients, marking a significant advancement in India’s healthcare landscape.


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