A Gift of Life: 25-Year-Old Engineer’s Organ Donation Provides Second Chance for Seven Patients


In a remarkable act of kindness, the family of Ms. Sanjana Parthasarathi, a young software engineer who tragically lost her life in a road accident, decided to donate her organs. This decision allowed seven individuals to receive life-changing transplants, demonstrating the incredible impact of organ donation.

Sanjana’s parents, Mrs. P. Ganga and Mr. G. Parthasarathy, have found solace in knowing that their daughter’s final act of generosity continues to have a profound effect on the lives of others. They hope that by sharing Sanjana’s story, more people will consider organ donation and recognize its life-saving potential.

The organ donation process was coordinated by the dedicated staff at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital in Bangalore, who provided unwavering support to Sanjana’s family. This story highlights not only the power of organ donation but also the importance of road safety measures, such as wearing a full-face helmet when riding a two-wheeler.

Sanjana’s legacy of compassion and selflessness will continue to inspire others, reminding us of the difference we can make in the lives of those in need through organ donation.


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